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Hello all yall beautiful people on FFR!! My Name is Loise but all of my friends call me Mac (Big Mac) I came to this site because Kiki is here and I love mah Kiki. I also came here to make new friends and hopefully find a new love which isn't working out so well. I have a Zoo of pets in my house and I love each and everyone of them eventhough they do get on my nerves. Me and Kiki are a well know prodigy where we live in the underground. But so far so good I only came here to have DELICIOUS fun!! HOLLA!!
I love snowboarding and eating food, I like food. No matter how much I can't get fat though. I love animals, Going to amusment parks, blood, anime, playing video games, and doing fun stuff, and I also love to love. n.n
Fav Music:
Metal, Hardcore rock, Techno, Dance, love music, slow jams, and japanese music too. Like The Cranberries, Systeme of a Down, Korn, Rammstein, and ,Metallica.
Fav Movies:
All the Saw movies, Jay and Silent Bob strike back, Clerks 2, Ghostrider,,Memoirs of a Geisha, and See no Evil.
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rikuangel writes...
at 5:04:57pm on 10/1/09
im sorry but i kinda forgot who u were its been a while sence we talked
musical_vampire writes...
at 8:02:30pm on 2/12/09
rawr <3
Synthlight writes...
at 8:48:27pm on 7/8/07
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