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FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 10:34:10am on 11/20/11
lol, that's ok :p
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 3:53:42pm on 10/24/11
FCed ==Planet KARMA==, only 1 more to go! :D
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 7:50:48pm on 10/16/11
just FCed A Quick Death. had to do some mashing, but i got it. only 2 more to go.
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 6:57:27pm on 10/16/11
that would be awesome being able to FC all the public songs, but i still need 13,000+ credits to unlock ==Planet KARMA== and i still need to FC A Quick Death and Death Piano.
HugzandKisses writes...
at 3:44:22pm on 6/29/11
lol sorry I don't have a ps3
HugzandKisses writes...
at 8:17:04pm on 4/17/11
Hmm.. I sent you the first msg in march.. your so latee :P
HugzandKisses writes...
at 8:54:49pm on 3/25/11
Ellooo :D
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 12:52:05am on 2/19/11
awesome dude! keep it up! :)
Javante writes...
at 7:54:15pm on 2/18/11
cool mario
FFR Pro 21 writes...
at 6:31:54pm on 1/13/11
no problem, hope they help ya get some AAAs! :)
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