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Who Knows writes...
at 11:12:46pm on 1/7/13
Good deal!
Who Knows writes...
at 6:22:03pm on 1/7/13
That is awesome! I used to do track (100 yard dash). I was great at it, but pulling a hamstring every once and a while wasnt fun.
I wish you the best of luck in your training. If you're starting now and keep it up for the next years you'll do awesome.
Who Knows writes...
at 9:08:55pm on 1/6/13
I'm good overall, my body hates me at the moment. Running and/or swimming atleast 5 days a week to reach peak performance takes a toll. But since im joining the Navy i kind of need to do it
Who Knows writes...
at 5:40:01pm on 1/5/13
I know the feeling.... everyday lol
Who Knows writes...
at 10:05:05pm on 1/4/13
Whats up?
Helixia writes...
at 1:41:56am on 11/5/12
Ah okay. I like your banner at first i thought it was a hidden skill token.
WSCB writes...
at 9:39:48pm on 11/4/12
Hm, basically, you need to get 176 misses, 176 boos, and less than 176 goods and averages (combined) on R176. I would get the misses first and then get boos. Try to quad mash around, but quad mash on beat. (kind of vague explanation lol)
Helixia writes...
at 2:26:51am on 11/4/12
Thanks for the profile vote :).
What is your playstyle?
WSCB writes...
at 5:21:56pm on 10/26/12
haha man, I'm practically done with this game now. :P I think there was room to get that and I can come back, but studies this year are pretty labor intensive. ;_;
WSCB writes...
at 10:51:50am on 7/2/11
I had to get 1 billion points in a day. xD
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