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지금은 소녀시대~ ^^
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nice to meet you
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Posted on: June 3, 2011, at 09:58:53pm   [2 comments]
yes, it's not the cleanest round, but i made my first D11 FC! it comes on Choprite (appropriate since it was the first D11 i could pass without mashing ^^) so here's to that, and more to come~

Posted on: June 1, 2011, at 07:59:44pm   [0 comments]
[X] top 1000 overall rank
[X] 2000 average rank
[X] 1500 average rank
[ ] 1000 average rank
[X] positive score on every public song

[X] every D1-6 FC
[X] every D7 FC
[ ] every D8 FC (12 Remaining)
[ ] every D9 FC (66 Remaining)
[ ] every D10 FC (29 Made)
[X] A D11 FC
[ ] Half D11 FC
[ ] A D12-13 FC
[ ] Half D11 FC
[X] 500 overall FCs
[ ] 600 overall FCs

[ ] every D1 AAA
[ ] every D2 AAA
[ ] every D3 AAA
[ ] 50% D4 AAA
[ ] 10 D5 AAA
[ ] 5 D6 AAA
[ ] 5 D7 AAA
[ ] any D8 AAA
[ ] 50 overall AAAs

[X] top 100 regional ranking
[ ] top 50 regional ranking

[X] 50 skill tokens
[ ] 100 skill tokens (71 current)
[ ] all tokens

[ ] any tier point
Posted on: March 5, 2011, at 08:05:24pm   [7 comments]
Warning: If you randomly friend me I probably will reject, I mean you could be the nicest person or a total creep. I don't want to take the chance XD So your best bet is to comment, prove you're not just a friend-whore ^^

Approach first = success~ (usually -_-)
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drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 12:07:47am on 8/12/13
Oops, sorry, I got you confused for Psittacosis. >.< You're not playing until Round 5. Sorry for the confusion!
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 11:49:27pm on 8/11/13
You only have 12 minutes to either submit a score or message me about why you can't, or you will be kicked from the team tournament. >.< Please hurry!
gioantpet writes at 8:12:34pm on 8/8/13
be my fraaaaaand I have no fraaaaands womp womp
Psittacosis writes at 6:19:15pm on 8/2/13
Nah, I really don't. :) The list you sent out looks good to me!
ICrazyI writes at 9:07:15pm on 7/24/13
hi wanna play whit me i am ponline
Psittacosis writes at 12:43:48am on 7/24/13
Did you see my score for this round yet? :D
Ashley Pearson writes at 6:15:56am on 7/15/13
Keep it up :)
_Ashuku writes at 1:50:40am on 7/14/13
they did "stay together"!? I just love bom's voice in that one part, ykno THAT part xD.
_Ashuku writes at 1:39:13am on 7/14/13
what a fancy way to put it "partial" haha, Yeah "I am the best" would have to be one of my favs but I do like "It Hurts" cuz im a sucker for ballads. But I also like "Stay Together" which they dont sing a lot :(
_Ashuku writes at 1:33:46am on 7/14/13
One day I will go to a 2NE1 concert and bask in that Minzy dancing glory xD. whats ur fav 2ne1 song?