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Posted on: December 14, 2014, at 11:23:13pm   [1 comment]
I am sure I played this song countless times when I was bad at the game but it only took me 2 minutes to AAA it once I attempted it today. Glad to know I finally passed the easiest song in the history of FFR today.
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IwasAsquidOnce writes at 4:50:35pm on 1/2/15
Is your background like an HD version of the Lost Woods bridge on Ocarina of Time?
ThunderFlip writes at 9:49:22am on 12/20/14
Your avatar <3
Xiz writes at 4:53:47pm on 4/7/14
Whatever works xD
Vares writes at 2:46:11pm on 12/11/13
I consider all songs below Standard easy, or easiest. I know I can AAA them, but it'll take some practice because I just got back into playing FFR.
christinaa63 writes at 2:31:18am on 9/16/12
Oh I had no idea you could do that! Thank you so much (:
Kasu_404 writes at 6:38:35pm on 3/28/12
I don't play osu! xD I play a special game mode there is in osu (CTB. And if you wanna play osu it's not necessary a touchscreen xd
euphoriakisses writes at 12:10:03pm on 11/29/11
Thank you :3
Hanaruie writes at 8:40:52pm on 7/17/11
Hiya :)
Whats up?
Agntmyniime writes at 2:37:22pm on 7/17/11
awh! That's great! I've been wonderful! (:
Agntmyniime writes at 8:04:52pm on 7/13/11
your rank has gotten better!