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I am the ghost of Christmas fast *Pixel art background not my work, though i did recreated it in the flash game: powder game. I enjoy doing pixel art, but not great from scratch yet :D*
Rhythm games, puzzles, video games, pixel art, animals, Pokémon
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Harry Potter Series Most Disney films/animated films
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fingiesman writes...
at 3:46:20pm on 11/15/19
Also seems i might be the second person to aaa grind 4 in D6, Mio Akiyama has aswell and is currently still D6. But damn son nonetheless
Josemba writes...
at 10:22:11am on 11/14/19
I think you're the only one who has unlocked Derby and not being D7 first. Grind 4 is tricky as hell, that's a crazy good achievement man.
See you in D7 soon.
fingiesman writes...
at 5:35:51am on 11/14/19
i defineately must be broken then, cause to me grind 4 is one of the easiest 95's i find. and i have scroll speed of only 2.05 lol. as for derby, it doesnt sound as bad as some 100's but its still a mashfest. and i got the lowest score of all the peeps who've beaten it. feels good man
Crynote writes...
at 5:33:56am on 11/14/19
can't believe* ;p
Crynote writes...
at 5:33:16am on 11/14/19
Can believe you AAA Grind4, Well played!! First steps to LEGEND!!! Keep that train going :D
Rapta writes...
at 1:22:13am on 11/14/19
What's your first impression of Derby?
Matthia writes...
at 10:52:23pm on 11/13/19
wtf such a surprising grind4 AAA from you :o
Skullbac writes...
at 8:15:40pm on 11/13/19
grind4 is so awkward for a 95 and you AAA it to get Derby... what
Andrew WCY writes...
at 6:43:36pm on 11/13/19
grind4 is one of the most unreadable files in FFR. Congrats on achieving a AAA on that evil file and unlocking Derby!! :D
Blackskull305 writes...
at 5:46:14pm on 11/13/19
Jesus christ that grind4
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