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Zyphoror writes...
at 2:42:40pm on 11/29/09
lol :P
foxfire667 writes...
at 10:53:36am on 11/28/09
Yeah I can understand why. My most hated pattern is defiantly though, a series of 4 or less frame jacks with more than 5 or so key-presses on a single makes the song so annoying to combo. Wish I could hit it better...then I could finally full combo J'ai Envie de Plaisir X2.
foxfire667 writes...
at 6:24:47pm on 11/27/09
Sweet! That is a fun song to play!
Welcome, and alright! Thanks for the vote!
foxfire667 writes...
at 11:06:11am on 11/27/09
Alright, but I just have to say, good luck! If you want your first FGO full combo to not be mashed (about less then or equal to 5 boos), you probably won't get your first FGO FC for another year and a half at least, and that is if you are still even playing the game by then. Why not mash songs off your account...and then when you get good enough that them on your account for the FC. I mean if you want to get some intense FC's or AAA's, mashing is defiantly the route to take, on or off your account.
I just got a sweet 5-0-0-5 on Purple a few minutes ago...and it was defiantly due to my ability to move my fingers incredibly fast, from early mashing.
foxfire667 writes...
at 7:26:20pm on 11/26/09
It is probably why you have around 225 FC's and only a select few AAA's.
foxfire667 writes...
at 7:25:03pm on 11/26/09
Mashing is a part of the game, it isn't cheating. Without mashing you really cannot do much of anything when it comes to harder songs. If Mashing was "cheating", there would probably be no songs higher than difficulty 10 on this game. As your skill level goes up...your mashing need goes down. I mean you go back and play those songs again...and as you mash less, you get higher ranks with the same combo. It is a never ending cycle for a good FFR player. If you don't mash at first, then you don't get your hands ready for hyperspeed and fast jacks when you get better...and if you don't get that, then you will NEVER do that good at this game. Kind of a Catch-22 if you don't mash don't you think?
foxfire667 writes...
at 5:17:33pm on 11/25/09
What do you mean why? It is pretty tough to go through an FGO without finding yourself in a place where you you have no idea what you are doing, and Pants is defiantly one of those songs. If you don't utilize mashing, then you don't utilize max combos and your combo IS the most important part of your score in this game, if you haven't noticed. You play as skillfully as possible...but when you need to...mash away.
Zyphoror writes...
at 7:00:57pm on 11/22/09
WTf man...why do I alwlays freaking glitch out of MP??? Now I can't get back in again.
Zyphoror writes...
at 6:24:24pm on 11/22/09
I already can lol. I'm waiting in the MP chat room.
Zyphoror writes...
at 6:21:57pm on 11/22/09
Now I can play MP again.
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