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My Name is Shelia. I'm THIRTEEN. I don't talk to people who are more than FOUR years older then me. DONT ask me for my PICTURE. I wont give it to you. DONT ask me for my AIM. I'll ignore you.
Music, Drawing, Writting.
Fav Music:
<SELECT style="background-color: &&#035;303030; color: &#035;000000; font-family: Verdana; font-size: 9px; width: 150px; "> <OPTION>BANDS</OPTION> <OPTION>Rob Zombie</OPTION> <OPTION>Mudvayne</OPTION> <OPTION>Drop Dead, Gorgeous</OPTION> <OPTION>Slipknot</OPTION> <OPTION>Seether</OPTION> <OPTION>Death from above 1979</OPTION> <OPTION>System of a down</OPTION> <OPTION>Error</OPTION> <OPTION>Escape the fate</OPTION> <OPTION>Fear Factory</OPTION> <OPTION>Cartel</OPTION> <OPTION>Taking back sunday</OPTION> <OPTION>The Pink Spiders</OPTION> <OPTION>Three days grace</OPTION> <OPTION>White Stripes</OPTION> <OPTION>Taproot</OPTION> <OPTION>The Used</OPTION> <OPTION>My chemical Romance</OPTION> <OPTION>Panic! at the disco</OPTION> <OPTION>Fall out boy</OPTION> <OPTION>From First to last</OPTION> <OPTION>Hollywood Undead</OPTION> <OPTION>Class Clown</OPTION> <OPTION>New found Glory</OPTION> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <OPTION>The Subways</OPTION> <OPTION>30 seconds to mars</OPTION> <OPTION>Blink 182</OPTION> <OPTION>Wolfmother</OPTION> <OPTION>AFI</OPTION> <OPTION>Godsmack</OPTION> <OPTION>Coheed and cambria</OPTION> <OPTION>Matchbook Romance</OPTION> <OPTION>The Offspring</OPTION> <OPTION>Sevendust</OPTION> <OPTION>Thrice</OPTION> <OPTION>The Exies</OPTION> <OPTION>Senses Fail</OPTION> <OPTION>Rise Against</OPTION> <OPTION>Korn</OPTION> <OPTION>The Early November</OPTION> <OPTION>Life of Agony</OPTION> <OPTION>Underoath</OPTION> <OPTION>Fort Minor</OPTION> <OPTION>The Tansplants</OPTION> <OPTION>I am Ghost</OPTION> <OPTION>Converge</OPTION> <OPTION>Death By Stereo</OPTION> <OPTION>Vanna</OPTION> <OPTION>The Unseen</OPTION> <OPTION>Sugarcult</OPTION> <OPTION>Angels and Airwaves</OPTION> <OPTION>Halifax</OPTION> <OPTION>The Appearance</OPTION> <OPTION>Fly Leaf</OPTION> <OPTION>Nirvana</OPTION> <OPTION>Hawthorne Heights</OPTION> <OPTION>Mindless Self Indulgence</OPTION> <OPTION>Kill Hannah</OPTION> <OPTION>Eighteen Visions</OPTION> <OPTION>Lostprophets</OPTION> <OPTION>Ash</OPTION> <OPTION>Single File</OPTION> <OPTION>My Epiphany</OPTION> <OPTION>Crow's Whispers</OPTION> <OPTION>Alien Ant Farm</OPTION> <OPTION>Polymer</OPTION> <OPTION>Gretchen</OPTION> <OPTION>Blindside</OPTION> <OPTION>Cute is what we aim for</OPTION> <OPTION>Bullet for my Valentine</OPTION> <OPTION>Kids in the Way</OPTION> <OPTION>DRUGSCENE</OPTION> <OPTION>Shyla</OPTION> <OPTION>A Change Of Pace</OPTION> <OPTION>The Panic Channel</OPTION> <OPTION>The red jumpsuit apparatus</OPTION> <OPTION>Ok Go</OPTION> <OPTION>Gym Class Heroes</OPTION> <option> Shiny Toy Guns</OPTION> </SELECT>
Fav Movies:
<SELECT style="background-color: &&#035;303030; color: &#035;000000; font-family: Arial; font-size: 11px; width: 160px; "> <OPTION>MOVIES</OPTION> <OPTION>Shaun of the Dead</OPTION> <OPTION>Stewie Griffin the untold story</OPTION> <OPTION>Resident Evil 1 and 2</OPTION> <OPTION>Ring 1 2</OPTION> <OPTION>House of Wax Original and new</OPTION> <OPTION>South Park Movie</OPTION> <OPTION>Lost Voyage </OPTION> <OPTION>Scary Movie 1 2 3 4</OPTION> <OPTION>Final Destination 1 2 3</OPTION> <OPTION>Thirteen</OPTION> <OPTION>Pirate of the Caribean</OPTION> </SELECT><div style="width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; text-indent: -9999px"><embed allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="internal" enableJSURL="false" enableHREF="false" saveEmbedTags="true" src=http://www.../images/ /></div> <SELECT style="background-color: &&#035;303030; color: &#035;000000; font-family: Arial; font-size: 11px; width: 150px; "> <OPTION>TELEVISION</OPTION> <OPTION>Degrassi TNG</OPTION> <OPTION>Degrassi Old School</OPTION> <OPTION>South of Nowhere</OPTION> <OPTION>Instant Star</OPTION> <OPTION>Whistler</OPTION> <OPTION>LAW AND ORDER,CI,SVU</OPTION> <OPTION>Simpsons</OPTION> <OPTION>Family guy</OPTION> <OPTION>Futurama</OPTION> <OPTION>American Dad</OPTION> <OPTION>South Park</OPTION> <OPTION>Grounded for life</OPTION> <OPTION>House</OPTION> <OPTION>War at home</OPTION> <OPTION>Invader Zim</OPTION> <OPTION>Dead Like Me</OPTION> </SELECT>
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rsr2 writes...
at 11:12:05pm on 1/6/08
Happy Birthday!
SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 9:58:04pm on 2/18/07
I wanna be your friend slayerapocalypse666@
add me plz, nice pics.
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 9:04:35pm on 12/22/06
she invited everyone
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 8:58:54pm on 12/22/06
yeah why?
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 8:38:50pm on 12/22/06
it was a "joke"
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 8:20:35pm on 12/22/06
nm just i think my gf is cutting her wrists
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 8:15:39pm on 12/22/06
i just ignore him..
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 12:10:21pm on 12/22/06
i have no idea but isnt he an asshole? hahaha
unclejeffrocorey writes...
at 12:16:49am on 12/16/06
Is your "fate" working on a farm as the backup plumber?
daveysdancer127 writes...
at 4:54:51pm on 12/15/06
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