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Blah blah blah, im 21 years old,love girls,football,XBOX LIVEEEEEEE,and life. Im ok at this game, I play one hand-3 fingers so I do decent.
Football,xbox live,girls,foooood! xbox live GT: OooCUDD3RooO
Fav Music:
Rap, a little rock.
Fav Movies:
idk,there's too many
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jeepman2002 writes...
at 2:34:49am on 10/8/17
sup man?
The_Toymaker writes...
at 3:56:10pm on 10/28/11
Jaslene writes...
at 4:29:20pm on 3/12/09
Hey, how are you?
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 5:37:56pm on 2/4/09
np =]
GG_Guru writes...
at 6:28:37pm on 12/11/08
yea, now if only i can get my av rank in the 40s lol
mr_candy writes...
at 5:07:01pm on 11/2/08
then you dont get what im saying......
im not going to argue the fact that you don't understand the point i was trying to get across.
You've clearly explained you don't so end of discussion.
reply back if you wish, though you wont get a reply.
cubincave writes...
at 6:13:44pm on 10/11/08
g2g though GG,i'll catch up wit u later :)
GG_Guru writes...
at 5:53:45pm on 10/11/08
YOOO!! hey bro what up?
where u been fool
lol :P
EAGAMES writes...
at 6:34:20pm on 8/28/08
You're welcome. 0_o
EAGAMES writes...
at 8:16:03pm on 8/26/08
Woops, I meant to say rawr. After commenting on 350+ profiles you start writing a little weird.
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