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Mike Baker writes...
at 12:46:53pm on 6/21/11
Mike Baker writes...
at 12:46:42pm on 6/21/11
thsnks for the add im Michael its nice to meet you
dogmacore709 writes...
at 3:31:27pm on 2/11/11
hey what up!!!
Little_Wolf123 writes...
at 10:39:07am on 12/24/08
Hi Colette!
You avatar is so awesome!
I like japanese style too, I can draw you if you want! *smiles*
VEDA BERG writes...
at 5:41:28pm on 12/21/08
I love your avatar!!! :)
Lloyd Irving writes...
at 5:24:18pm on 3/14/08
hey colette
dope_smoke writes...
at 2:24:47am on 12/4/07
Hey what's up?
jen=] writes...
at 8:58:25am on 11/10/07
i suck??
GenisSage123 writes...
at 11:03:47pm on 11/6/07
No, no, it's okay. ^^
I'm not saying you are any of those people. :3
So, how are ya, Colette? :]
GenisSage123 writes...
at 3:40:45pm on 11/5/07
Hecate is saying that you, Presea the Beast, Summoner Sheena, and Lloyd Irving are the same person...o.o;;
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