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Senri Akane

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Coolboyrulez0 writes at 4:19:04am on 12/4/12
:( rip
Coolboyrulez0 writes at 4:14:44am on 12/4/12
mmm dat shota herogayshix x pencil fanfic (barf)
Coolboyrulez0 writes at 4:12:06am on 12/4/12
LMFAO that makes everything better, thanks for that
Coolboyrulez0 writes at 4:09:59am on 12/4/12
yeah, of course (inlove)
[Herogayshix was a faggot, nobody liked him at AN2011, a few months ago he wrote you confessing his love etc. - good shit]
Coolboyrulez0 writes at 3:54:37am on 12/4/12
beautiful avatar :')
AlexDest writes at 4:24:15pm on 12/2/12
vvv lol what a faggot nyuk nyuk vvv
Pseudo Enigma writes at 1:03:32am on 12/2/12
that logic befits you. Good luck with being a faggot. (I approve this relationship btw)
Pseudo Enigma writes at 1:00:53am on 12/2/12
not sure, he barely shows his face anymore enough to incite such hate. It's almost like obsession (which is also a form of love btw)
At this point, I'm not sure who's the try hard faggot at this point when you do these things.
Pseudo Enigma writes at 12:26:30am on 12/2/12
bashing on a 15 year old is a good way to get in their pants ;3
Why are you so obsessed with someone 5+ years younger than you anyway lmao
xThai writes at 1:52:10am on 11/27/12