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The best drunkeness that can be
Posted on: February 7, 2015, at 03:14:59am   [0 comments]
I want get so drunk that I lose my finger tips to hypothermia from leaving them in cold milk for too long while attempting to dunk oreos. #thedream

Posted on: January 29, 2008, at 08:06:27pm   [1 comment]
3 Years :O

awsome FFR suggestions
Posted on: December 16, 2007, at 09:09:58pm   [0 comments]
vist to support a new favorites genre

vist to support new ffr characters

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Sidek writes...
at 12:36:06pm on 1/31/15
a lot of people think utsuho has a dildo inside the boobs lol sugoi ww
dragon890x writes...
at 12:44:23am on 11/20/11
Probably after Windows Vista came around. The changes that were made to how the OS handles memory made Flash EXTREMELY laggy. The added lag from a browser made FFR impossible to play, so people adopted SA players. I'm sure there were people who used them before Vista was around, but it wasn't really required.
dragon890x writes...
at 12:38:21am on 11/20/11
*They just care if it works in the browser.
dragon890x writes...
at 12:36:18am on 11/20/11
There is a reason why people use Stand Alone players over the browser. Browsers are not coded with the intent to make Flash applications as fast as possible. In fact, the speed of Flash is hardly considered important. They just that it works in the browser. So, it'll handle other things while you are playing FFR, causing major lag spikes.
Stand Alone players focus on the .swf, and don't have to worry about the multiple other things a web browser has to worry about. Using a SA player is crucial when dealing with a Flash application that relies on timing.
dragon890x writes...
at 12:27:22am on 11/20/11
It's the way Windows handles the memory Flash is using. Everything Flash puts on your computer is stored in your RAM. It's a memory hog. It also doesn't help that Windows runs many other programs in the background, making it prone to giving something priority over FFR for a split second.
dragon890x writes...
at 12:23:13am on 11/20/11
On a Windows machine, you can't avoid it.
dragon890x writes...
at 12:13:50am on 11/20/11
It's not. How do you play the game? Browser/Standalone? Do you also take extra measures to reduce lag?
dragon890x writes...
at 11:49:20pm on 11/19/11
Word of advice, Ubuntu is alright with FFR, but it's not the best. You're setup sounds fine.
dragon890x writes...
at 11:33:48pm on 11/19/11
What is your rig?
I might be able to help with your lag problem.
ddr_f4n writes...
at 2:16:50pm on 12/16/10
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