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I'm Eli. I play Halo professionally as Eli the NiNjA, but still play this game quite a bit to keep mah reflexes up.
Music, games, writing, psycology, and people that actually have brains and think for themselves instead of being conformed in every way by society. :D
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Any music I consider respectable; if it took talent to write, to play, or has a message I agree with/can relate to. :D
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Fight Club, Office Space, 300, Transformers, Superbad
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Yo dawgs what's cracka-lackin'
Posted on: July 22, 2009, at 06:58:54am   [4 comments]
Who missed me?

And should I start playing again?

I'm in the newspaper!
Posted on: September 23, 2008, at 03:53:39am   [0 comments]
...Well, I was a little under a year ago in November. The article is about me and my professional Halo "career." Recently when a friend came over, she said I should upload pictures of it because it's just too badass. So yeah, I took some pictures of parts of the article and you can see them in my recently uploaded photos. The one shot where they photoshopped it to look like I'm in Halo 3 Spartan armor is pretty sick.

If you'd like to read the full online text version of the article (without the cool pictures of me), go here:


Castle Crashers
Posted on: September 2, 2008, at 05:52:30am   [3 comments]
Seriously, anyone who has an Xbox 360 hooked up to Xbox Live needs to buy this game. It costs 1,200 Microsoft Points, which is equivalent to about $15. It's one of the most if not the most expensive game on the Xbox Live Arcade, but that's because it's the best game!

If I had to describe it, I'd say the gameplay is a mix between Paper Mario, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Gauntlet Legends, with the trippy humor of (well better humor than, but similar to) Earthworm Jim and a badass soundtrack reminiscent of Megaman. I believe there's even some Venetian Snares on one of the levels. Buy this game! It's badass and hilarious! I just spent the past two days playing it nonstop and I plan on playing it more tomorrow to keep unlocking more cool shit.

MLG Toronto/Fan Expo
Posted on: August 26, 2008, at 01:52:49am   [1 comment]
As most of you know, I play Halo professionally and travel around to play in the national and international tournaments, etc. Well this weekend was MLG Toronto, which I already knew I was going to, but I didn't realize until I got there that there was a Comic Con-esque festival thing going on in the same exact venue at the same time called Fan Expo. I'm not familiar with alot of this stuff because I don't watch anime or play card games, etc, but it was still pretty cool to see all the people in costumes and just wander around the festival when I wasn't busy playing Halo. I took some pics with my phone, but they're kinda shitty quality. I uploaded them all to look at because I know alot of people here know about or watch anime. There was also alot of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: TG, Pokemon, and Chaotic Game (which I'd never heard of before this weekend) cards being sold. I saw alot of insane people this weekend, dressed as animals, comicbook characters, Star Wars characters, anime characters, and all kinds of other stuff. I also met Brent something ( I forget the last name) who was apparently a character in Star Trek at some point, so that's pretty cool. Pretty much the whole tourney was fun as hell!

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, my team placed 8th, which wasn't as good as I had hoped, but out of 256 teams, it's still respectable.

I spent a total of 11 hours travelling home today though so I'm exhausted and am probably gonna pass out in like 3.. 2....


I have myspace
Posted on: July 25, 2008, at 09:03:14pm   [0 comments]
And I check it more often than this site.

Add if you'd like.

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The5thMoon writes...
at 5:21:12am on 2/14/12
hi eli!
Cyth The Raccoon writes...
at 10:41:15pm on 2/10/12
Thanks so much for your insight Eli. =)
I have recently came to the mindset of just enjoying life for what it is, and not dwelling on my diagnosis. However, I am still upset on not being able to fulfill my career, but I have decided to stick with school. Maybe I will become a medical teacher instead. n.n
I'll definitely be taking your profound advice, without a doubt. I'll be optimistic, not dwell on my sickness, and live happily!
Thanks again, you've been a much better friend than I deserve.
Cyth The Raccoon writes...
at 6:21:44pm on 1/22/12
Hehehe... n.n
Sky Kitten writes...
at 5:55:39pm on 1/22/12
Haha! How have you been?!
Sky Kitten writes...
at 4:42:37pm on 1/22/12
I see you~
I hope you remember me. xD
XCV writes...
at 7:33:31pm on 1/21/12
Cyth The Raccoon writes...
at 3:29:15pm on 1/18/12
I don't have AIM anymore. D: Do you have MSN/Skype/Steam?
Cyth The Raccoon writes...
at 3:04:13pm on 1/18/12
Yes sir! How have you been? n.n
XXXsmittyXXX writes...
at 6:34:23pm on 11/21/11
I'm near pacific ave but i know the road and blvd you are talking about haha.
Ryanistehleet writes...
at 8:24:35pm on 10/22/10
lol sup eli
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