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I'm starting a new team and I hope it gets somewhere. PM me to join. NO REQUIREMENTS!!! My family and I are from Texas, where I was born (Denton). I moved when I was 5 and have been living in Missouri ever since. I live in a neighborhood made of 4 streets but it is a good size.
Double deck water fights, DDR, FFR, movies, spending the night a friends' houses, playing with friends, surfing the web, going to Six Flags, playing the bass, lounging around, being lazy, swimming, diving, jumping on trampolines, etc.
Fav Music:
My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, FFR music, Japanese (especially DJ Sharpnel)
Fav Movies:
Al animated movies, most others I like but it differs on what it is about. KINDERGARTEN COP!!!
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Am dumb not I
Posted on: August 25, 2007, at 11:49:58pm   [0 comments]
Say people dumb you think I as not am as. Don't about think you lies make that people.

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EAGAMES writes...
at 6:40:01pm on 8/5/09
Bus_Of_Spin_Street writes...
at 10:01:27pm on 4/14/08
hey its frozenray 03 ! I got a new account :)
fido123 writes...
at 2:33:02pm on 1/26/08
I don't even play FFR/SM anymore...only ITG. Why make a thread saying "This site sucks so I'm leaving". Instead of burning your bridges why don't you just leave? 90% of the people I see are supportive and if people aren't it doesn't bug me at all.
devond123 writes...
at 5:59:16pm on 1/20/08
hell yeah i own a mac
EAGAMES writes...
at 8:46:28pm on 1/18/08
while? its almost a year lol. I see you gotten better =) awesome
EAGAMES writes...
at 6:50:07pm on 1/18/08
Slipknotdancer writes...
at 6:42:45am on 11/8/07
soz dude, yah i am, tal;k to me about the team, pm me ok
chidori! writes...
at 10:48:24am on 9/16/07
i have your banner
twix63499 writes...
at 2:29:55pm on 9/14/07
im doing gine and u
twix63499 writes...
at 4:06:05pm on 9/12/07
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