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Posted on: January 22, 2011, at 03:39:56pm   [1 comment]
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hi19hi19 writes at 7:35:49pm on 9/8/14
Haha tips on doing well in LIFE? I don't know man, find stuff you enjoy and do it. Ask questions, don't take shit for granted. As for getting into Brown... don't nessecarily be a cookie-cutter Good Student(tm). Obviously good grades are important, but Brown really likes activism, deep involvement in community or projects, that kind of thing. Do something cool, don't just do classes; have fun man.
_Areyano_ writes at 9:37:27pm on 12/19/10
hey, nice ave,nice char. choice.
xxtakeshixx09 writes at 7:54:29pm on 12/19/10
Yeah, I heard about that! :D
I think it's an actual sequel though... something along those lines. I love avatar xD
argo15 writes at 10:05:06pm on 12/1/10
hehe not really, sorry XD
Xelius writes at 1:34:03pm on 11/19/07
hmmm. that's a tough question, but I must say L. both light and L have good intentions in their own ways, but I respect L more because he dedicated his life to saving this corrupted world, where light were to selfish to realize that he's only bringing it further down the drain.
Xelius writes at 7:34:29am on 8/14/07
There were some problems with the pets, so we had to take them down. They will return ones we fixed it
sky_sky2 writes at 7:02:40pm on 7/14/07
Xelius writes at 5:37:26pm on 7/11/07
We don't have any graphics for pets that evolve, so It won't come until later versions.
I got to finish up the multiplayer version of Spin It Up, but I should get back to work on the pets sometime next week.
L is one of the main characters in an anime/manga called death note
Xelius writes at 7:46:19pm on 7/9/07
Yes, there will come future versions where you can buy all kinds of stuff, most likely for your ffr credits
Xelius writes at 1:53:22pm on 7/5/07
The eggs are pet food, they will be able to eat them in the next update, which will give you the credits back