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Ummm if you ask I will tell you :3
FFR, DDR , interesting people. <.<;;
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Rock. Tokio Hotel, paramore, slipt knot.
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TaikaishiShironumo writes...
at 12:14:23am on 6/3/12
lol...i havent been on in a while...but just!! ^~^
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 3:20:53pm on 5/25/12
lol me too, its sad. haha.
TaikaishiShironumo writes...
at 1:24:13pm on 5/24/12
that would be cools!!! :D i'll send one....
TaikaishiShironumo writes...
at 7:49:09am on 5/24/12
it looks soo cools...i got to learn how to do stuff like that... :D
monkittyhas writes...
at 11:42:38pm on 5/23/12
wana play?
TaikaishiShironumo writes...
at 12:31:42pm on 5/23/12
love the avi! :3
monkittyhas writes...
at 3:11:37pm on 5/22/12
lolyeah, i would be playing now but the site under edit right now
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:44:52pm on 5/21/12
haha, i know eactly how that is. i keep picking it up, and then dropping it again here and there, so all my skill is now gone. haha.
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 11:51:09am on 5/21/12
wow. it has! im sitting at school bored. whats up with you? how are you?
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 11:32:54am on 5/21/12
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