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Just another FFRian who wants to be big I guess. But it hasn't completely consumed my life (probably why I'm not that good like the Gods are here), I enjoy the better things in life. Girls(Emily <3), outdoor activities, I build model rockets as a hobby, gonna be a pilot soon, track, football(didn't do it this year, need money), technical stuff. Just a fun loving kinda guy.
Football, Camping, Hiking, Sky Diving, Track, Fishing(Major fisherman), Diving, Adventuring, Cave Dwelling, Computers, FFR, DDR, SM, FPS Games, Mostly all things fun. :D
Fav Music:
My utmost favorite music is by Aeryal. So melodic and entrancing. It's the type of music the comforts you and puts you to sleep feeling good.
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Best Movie: Transformers --- Most Adrenaline: 300 --- Best Action: Live Free or Die Hard --- Best Comedy/Adventurous: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy --- Best Mind Bender: The Da Vinci Code.
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So Yeah, For All Of You Who Come Here...
Posted on: October 19, 2007, at 01:06:32am   [0 comments]
This is my clan profile. I'm not on it a lot, I only use it to play clanzmen in MP. Lol, or just cause' I feel like it that particular day :). But anyway, just so you know, send ALL comments AND PM's to my main account, Phynx. Thank you all and have a nice day :D

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virus003 writes...
at 5:24:59pm on 11/23/08
Why are you trying to get yourself banned? I don't want you to leave. :c
Cloud0005 writes...
at 4:53:03pm on 11/23/08
I love you.
woker-X writes...
at 9:36:59pm on 11/11/08
Hey TK_Phynx!!!... Defend yourself from you!!!
Phynx hasn´t the right to insult you!!...even though he is you and you are him...
ferrari93 writes...
at 8:47:07pm on 11/10/08
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at 1:05:15am on 9/6/08
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