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Hm. I'm a college student, I play rhythm games (mainly DDR & variants), I wear Heely's, and like math (especially number theory).
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Posted on: July 28, 2020, at 07:14:25pm   [1 comment]
Progress posts are cool, so thought I'd make one. I got in the mood to try starting to AAA stuff, so here is my progress:

By Level:
[X] Easiest
[X] Beginner
[ ] Very Easy (7 left)
[ ] Easy
[ ] Standard
[ ] Tricky

By Count:
[X] 100 AAAs
[ ] 200 AAAs
[ ] 300 AAAs

Comment wall
Swedcxzaq writes...
at 11:15:30pm on 8/4/20
ahhh I couldn't upscore enough to dry off the peepee water.
I'm looking forward to hopefully facing you off again in the next tourney Oberon!! woot
Jaquan writes...
at 8:42:18pm on 8/4/20
Zeldagurlfan1 writes...
at 11:23:55am on 7/29/20
ur avi. im ded
Oberon47 writes...
at 2:36:39am on 7/29/20
Good luck to you in div 4! I just got ranked up to 59 earlier today, so maybe we’ll have a match together again next tournament!!
Pizza69 writes...
at 11:24:44pm on 6/10/20
ayy grats on scarhand!!
1Kick234 writes...
at 6:06:20am on 10/8/19
Wow, we chose the exact same tokens.
Swedcxzaq writes...
at 11:59:08pm on 10/7/19
Josemba writes...
at 7:50:14am on 10/7/19
D2 Champion Gratz!
Oberon47 writes...
at 9:33:01pm on 10/6/19
I wish I could have played more in those final days, but birthday stuff came up so I think it was worth the 3rd place victory. Thanks for the good competition at the end, it was fun watching those scores skyrocket by the last day!
Swedcxzaq writes...
at 2:18:11am on 8/19/19
Ah, just seen these messages, I don't check my stuff often. Thanks!
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