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Wow, I last visited September 12, 2008. Hi.
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I like what I like
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It was bad

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jokim writes...
at 2:26:54am on 11/19/15
Dammit! I missed the comeback! you'll probly never read this (or you will and we'll end up chatting like once every few years or something silly like that XD)
Yeah, you're still at the top (and I was totally active and making friends in those 6 years xD) - probably the person I enjoyed talking to the most. I would say compete with, but let's be real, I was never near your level :P
aaaah man, old times, Would love to catch up with you, Hope you're doing well - if you comeback again and catch anwar on, tell him to nudge me - would hate to miss that again ;)
anwar-inc writes...
at 6:47:46pm on 3/4/14
I could have sworn I replied to this! Aaaanyway, I see them both of them on social networking sites around the net. We don't talk much, but we're around :D Oh and I haven't logged into AIM since like 2012 hahah =P
badman7772 writes...
at 6:07:56pm on 3/2/14
It never lasts forever though. :P
badman7772 writes...
at 4:54:43pm on 3/2/14
How does it feel to own my wall?
anwar-inc writes...
at 4:01:12pm on 3/2/14
I'm gonna try get a hold of them both, I'll see if we can get something in motion. =)
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 12:26:03pm on 3/2/14
yes! i'll be stepping something by a chiptune artist named rainbowdragoneyes. He already has a few charts on ffr - SEB in BED, The Replicator and Punch You
popsicle_3000 writes...
at 9:30:37am on 3/2/14
blindreper1179 writes...
at 8:04:16am on 3/2/14
Lol, it's not the greatest. All these bills. ;_; it's costing me about $1400 a month to live on my own. D=
badman7772 writes...
at 6:24:24am on 3/2/14
I tried that a long time ago. I just wasn't meant for it.
blindreper1179 writes...
at 3:42:44am on 3/2/14
Not really. D= except that I bought a house, that's about it. Same job for 3 years.stopped going to school, and being lazy not doing shit I should be around the house because I live alone.
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