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Just a friendly guy. Thought I was stuck suddenly got much much better.
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Random Thoughts
300+ FCs
Posted on: November 20, 2015, at 08:52:03pm   [0 comments]
Finally did it, 300 FCs along with 50+ AAAs I feel good... all one handed using hte arrow keys

50+ AAA
Posted on: November 1, 2015, at 10:41:15am   [0 comments]
Finally Managed among a marathon of FCd songs (hooray for pre-made queue for that) I managed to hit 50+ AAAs all with one hand... maybe I will stick to one handed arrow key play for a bit longer.

Speed Changing
Posted on: June 18, 2015, at 08:17:17am   [0 comments]
So I stopped getting any better, some odd reason couldn't FC any new songs. really demoralizing and just ended up stopping playing for a bit.

Came back did my usual training program and found that the speed had gotten turned down to 1.5. Put the speed back up to 2.0 and boom started FCing all the songs I was struggling with before.

Even manged to collect a few more skill tokens.

Arrow Keys
Posted on: May 22, 2015, at 09:02:43pm   [1 comment]
Ya know I've been using the arrow keys since I've started and I've noticed that a lot of better players use other keys using both hands rather than just one...

obviously using two rather than one would be clearly more efferent but I've been using the arrow keys for so long I don't think I could play any other way with out starting from scratch.

is it too late for me or can I still get beyond level 30 songs with just the arrow keys?

that is the question crossing my mind.

Skill Tokens
Posted on: March 30, 2015, at 12:03:29pm   [0 comments]
Worked on getting a few more skill tokens, I think I may have doubled the amount I had.

Comment wall
Alizeehibye writes...
at 7:29:57am on 10/31/15
ps congrats on the # of FC one handed you got beats me
Alizeehibye writes...
at 7:29:12am on 10/31/15
hey yeah it okay to use two hands i dont disapprove of use of doing that and yes some of the high difficulty honestly and phyiscaly impossiable to do using 3 finger on one hand as some of those song breach the 33 buttons presses in a second limit possible using one hand style even if trying and remerising would help enough
for me those songs i have to accept never gaining AAA or even FC ing them ever it even a factor that stops me from competing in the COMPS the site hosts cause people use two hands vers one handed players it one reason why i wish to host a One handed Champion ship for only one hand players
Alizeehibye writes...
at 6:35:54am on 10/30/15
hey there ive been playing this game my whole history one handed style thats use just the default arrow keys and just felt id help with your concern and relive afew of them
yes learning to use the common two handed set up will mean you have to learn from start as youll have to adjust your muscle memory is it hard to do NO!
yes you will be able to get back up to the diffeculty of song you are upto one handed as you stated in your case 30+ yes about 3-6 months of practise or there abouts
but understand one handed is in my opinion the best it in my mind offers the more honest playing style not to say 2nd handed is wrong just playing Epic songs like THE Games We Play set one handed using just arrow keys is exciting ever time
its one of my biggest goal to FC The Games We Play and unlock that token one handed heck if ever do ive promised myself to only learn it two handed on piano thats the only time ill play two handed
stepmania to me is one handed
syncthia is two hande
JEZthemaster writes...
at 2:58:39am on 4/17/15
hi. ^.^
ShadowXall writes...
at 9:12:54pm on 9/30/11
Hurrah for animals in clothing.
Synthlight writes...
at 8:43:49pm on 9/30/11
First person to post on your wall.