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8th Official Tourney Log
Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 12:41:15am

Player: Salitz
Division: D4 D5
Playing Style: Spread (DFJK) 1.85x Downscroll

REBEL 1 Touch Me {AAA}
REBEL 2 Walk on Water {AAA}
Round 3 Slam the Door {AAA}

Bumped to D5 :(

Round 3 Undiscovered Colors {1-0-0-0}
Round 4 Sleep {1-0-0-0}
Round 5 Crow's Ghost {16-0-5-4}

Rage Quit

Final Placing: 14th

  1. Glad you liked it! I had no clue the song itself would be a huge distraction to so many, haha.

  2. Jeez, sightread AAA - I'm screwed! This song was fun. I'm at 2g and that should be good for round 2 - cya there!

  3. Rebel 1 hahaha is that a reference to BlazBlue? x3

  4. Go back to D4, I don't need more competition. >:

  5. Don't worry about me, lag will kill me by next round if it doesn't go away~

  6. ps: You're beating me on dashboard.

  7. I tried it, I just have no idea if I'm on-beat or not with it because my screencut hides timing. I could use autofail 1 good, but it's kinda creating unnecessary pressure on a file with 2000+ arrows. I'm probably safe this round with 2 goods anyway, I'll just wait and see what happens. gl with round 5 btw.

  8. Better pretend you're still in D4 at this point because this particular round in D5 was just not very fun in general~