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Sup, I'm Steve. I'm a gamer, I science, and I live on the internet. I've been an on-and-off Stepmania player for a few years now and swing by FFR for the occasional tournament.
ITG/DDR of course! Old school games like smash bros and mario kart... nothing beats a good old fashioned 4-player rage fest. Despite all the time I spend gaming, I do manage to leave my cave sometimes. Tennis and soccer are where it's at, and I go running from time to time when I'm not feeling lazy. I watch a bit of animu here and there also.
Fav Music:
I love me some of dat bass. Metal and dubstep seem to be the best way to obtain my daily dosage. Killswitch Engage, Basshunter, DJ Sharpnel and Skrillex are some musics of choice.
Fav Movies:
lol wuts a movie. No really, I don't watch any movies, I live under a rock.
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Posted on: November 8, 2013, at 03:30:04am   [2 comments]
Player: Salitz
Division: D5
Playing Style: Spread (SDKL) 1.9x Downscroll 4 lyfe

ROUND 1 Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix) {0-0-0-1}
ROUND 2 summerghost {1-0-0-0}
ROUND 3 Requiem -Dies irae- {2-0-0-2}
ROUND 5 Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) {AAA}
TIEBREAKER The Party's Starting! {20-1-0-3}
ROUND 6 Sokuseki! Nouchoku Music System {1-0-0-1}
ROUND 7 Umbral Ultimatum {20-0-1-11} (ELIMINATED)


Thought this was pretty good.
Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 12:41:15am   [8 comments]
Player: Salitz
Division: D4 D5
Playing Style: Spread (DFJK) 1.85x Downscroll

REBEL 1 Touch Me {AAA}
REBEL 2 Walk on Water {AAA}
Round 3 Slam the Door {AAA}

Bumped to D5 :(

Round 3 Undiscovered Colors {1-0-0-0}
Round 4 Sleep {1-0-0-0}
Round 5 Crow's Ghost {16-0-5-4}

Rage Quit

Final Placing: 14th
Comment wall
Sanjixcon writes at 9:57:45pm on 10/7/16
Is that the bad ass Auron himself? :D nice 1100 fc btw
blindreper1179 writes at 10:44:56pm on 10/14/14
Long time no talk my friend, I see we are contenders now. >=)
klimtkiller writes at 9:57:11am on 10/2/14
gl winning the tourney for D5 :)
Josemba writes at 8:54:59pm on 12/13/13
i was so lucky man holy shit my best PA on high lvl i think.. XDDD
Mollocephalus writes at 1:55:34am on 12/10/13
"salitz salitzed his pants"
yeah well i'm salitzing my pants too seeing these scores, 7g cutoff lol fuck this
The~J~MaXx writes at 10:04:12pm on 12/9/13
You got some improvement from the last tourney, keep playing, you got 3 more days, for me, D5 is too much, and with a crappy laptop I can't go to the other rounds :/
cedolad writes at 6:56:20pm on 12/9/13
Sure thing man, I rarely play and my stepman smashing's taking a turn haha, but we'll def play a few times ;)
cedolad writes at 5:37:16pm on 12/9/13
hey thanks bud, we're also the only downscrollers ;D
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 7:15:50pm on 12/7/13
I really suck at itg and ddr, but i would love to come play with you sometime.
Xx{Fallen}xX writes at 4:43:56pm on 12/7/13
dont forget i live near tampa too!