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About me:
My name is Christine, I am the mother of 3 wonderful children (Dorian, Zayda and Dante). I'm quite shy around new people but when I get to know you I love to talk about anything really. I absolutely love rhythm games, likely because I'm musically inclined. Please feel free to chat with me if you'd like, I love making new friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something I live by: The past is in the past, it's always best to leave negative feelings behind, push forward towards all things positive and strive to succeed both in maturity and in all your endeavors.
-My lover <3 Karl <3 -My son Dorian -My daughter Zayda -My son Dante -Listening to Music -Relaxation -Photography -Reading -Playing instruments -Singing -Writing music and lyrics -Drawing -Painting -Making jewelry -Cooking -Baking -Cake Decorating -Gaming ~I'm no master at any one thing, I just love to explore my creativity.~
Fav Music:
-Power Metal -Metal -Rock -Classical ~I'll listen to pretty much anything, I have a deep appreciation for all music.~
Fav Movies:
-Tim Burton films -Hayao Miyazaki films (all of them) -Horror movies (old and new) -Cult classics ~I'm not very picky, when it comes to movies I like pretty much anything.~
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Photography Newb
Posted on: July 9, 2021, at 09:28:58pm   [0 comments]
If you want to check out my new hobby, please follow me on Instagram. My username there is autobabe_photography
please keep in mind that I am not experienced in photography and am 100% self taught. Anyhow, I hope you'll check it out, follow and enjoy my photos. Have a good one and take 'er easy!

Skyrim xD
Posted on: October 18, 2014, at 11:01:14pm   [1 comment]

My Son Has Arrived!!!!
Posted on: July 25, 2012, at 10:12:47pm   [0 comments]
I am so very happy to announce that on Monday, July 23rd 2012, our son Dorian was born. He weighed 8 pounds and 13.2 ounces, and measured 19.7 inches long. I am proud of myself, I did it 100% natural, no pain management at all. He is such a sweet heart, too cute =). I am very much looking forward to tomorrow, him and his big sister get to finally meet, it's going to be interesting to see how she is with him. I know she will be such a good sister to him. On a side note, I can't wait to get out of here and go home lol. The food here is nasty and I miss our bed, but I only have to hack it out until sometime on Friday...hopefully. Karl, you were wonderful the whole time, thank you so much for being so supportive, and such an amazing partner. I love you so much.

Fun, but exhausting day.
Posted on: June 28, 2012, at 10:18:46pm   [0 comments]
Had a wonderful afternoon with my stepdaughter Oriana and her cousin Grant. They are like two peas in a pod =) so cute. I wish that this baby would hurry up and be here lol, I would be able to do more fun things with them. Soon enough though my baby will be here and when he is old enough they will be three little peas in a pod =P lol.

Big news! [updated]
Posted on: December 26, 2011, at 10:22:05pm   [0 comments]
I am pregnant. 40 weeks along. I am very excited to be a mum!!! I can't wait. I keep wishing that the pregnancy will just hurry and fly by, but at the same time I am going to enjoy the sleep, since I won't be getting very much of that when baby arrives.

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