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Pyroshock's Gameplay Stats Today
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Music, movies, games
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Trance, DnB, Ambient, Rock, Melodic DM, Soundtracks
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- FFR 1st Official Tournament: Division 1 - Participant
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Song NamesSong StyleDate
I Can See The LightTrance07-01-07
Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)Ambient29-06-07
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RawMeat786 writes...
at 1:09:30pm on 5/12/09
Hello, hows it going.
virus003 writes...
at 10:25:16pm on 1/26/09
it's unce unce
Cnz222 writes...
at 8:08:52pm on 7/12/08
Do you think you could spare 25 credits?
i love you writes...
at 5:32:04pm on 6/17/08
Hi. ^O^ <3
Vote thumbs up on my profile!
freakysnots writes...
at 12:29:53am on 12/27/07
Aww you are so sexy <33
boondocks77 writes...
at 1:15:03pm on 12/1/07
I'm sure it was a typo, but the fact that you directed that thought at everyone made me mention it, simply because you called me an idiot, along with everyone. Personally I could care less about everyone though :D
boondocks77 writes...
at 7:29:48pm on 11/30/07
I'll be blunt. Whether you're a guy/girl, I won't respect you any different. Nice profile
Oh and as for your idiotic post, read :
"If you weren't an idiot, you would've have read this little ..."
You wrote :
If you weren't an idiot, you WOULD HAVE HAVE read ....
In simple words, your post is hypocritical. :D
Biff_tech writes...
at 10:59:34pm on 11/14/07
Damn you Pyroshock you got me addicted to FL Studio in an inderect way lol.
tcruise writes...
at 6:56:01pm on 11/11/07
dange gurl u aint gonna holla
guti jr. writes...
at 6:42:59pm on 11/11/07
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