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Well im a Hot Blonde... i like abercrombie but yet i like hot topic i like the emo look but like pink stuff i am not a cheer leader so yea if you dont like me i dont care Thank you :)
talking on the phone with my best friend, music, Panic! At The Disco , Brnedon Urie, Ryan Ross, Girls Next Door, Play Boy, Daniel my BF, my friends : Andria, Kayce, Kelly, Jessica, Linnea, Keely, Kyle, Sara, conor, Daniel, Shelbi, larren, tylor, steven, levi , neli , megan, juli, victoria, cierra, k
Fav Music:
Panic! at the Disco, Fall out boy, furgie, brooke hogan, My chemical romance, the academy is, Taking back Sunday, and more
Fav Movies:
hmm that is hard i will name a few John Tucker Must Die, Wild Hogs ( best comedy movie i have ever seen in my life ), Blades of glory, Disney movies, and more
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Girls next door
Posted on: April 5, 2007, at 03:47:50pm   [0 comments]
i love this show it is the best show on earth if you like it pm me :) ~~ Preppy_Blonde

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hi everyone im not new just made a new user :)
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