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cambodianchick writes...
at 5:48:58pm on 5/14/07
hi wat up
Iloveemoboys writes...
at 5:25:35pm on 5/13/07
its going to be shoulder length
with layers and with
straight across bangs
Iloveemoboys writes...
at 4:25:12pm on 5/13/07
i havent got it cut yet but i will post some pics of it after i do
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 5:47:24pm on 5/12/07
ya i wann be bacj to elementary schoolcause back than they didnt care wat u wear
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 5:38:40pm on 5/12/07
haha im good love the colorr on profilee
Iloveemoboys writes...
at 5:27:55pm on 5/12/07
y dont you break up with daniel i mean its obvious you have stronger feelings for miles and you and daniel just dont click anymore you dont ever talk it seems and in 18 days, you'll have the same problem i have with justin, miles will be gone at Whitney and you'll regret it bc you and daniel will be apart and the only way you'll see miles is if you go to whitney and not rocklin
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 2:38:44pm on 5/12/07
maybe u really are just u dont have that confidents that u need to workk onnn i gotta work on it tooo
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 9:45:12pm on 5/11/07
lets see u got a boyfriend blonde awesome personality perfecttt lol you will be better than me plus u dont wanna be pretty cause all u get are those playa guyss
hot_blonde714 writes...
at 9:29:20pm on 5/11/07
lol ya ima add u too and npp
Roy565 writes...
at 9:25:46pm on 5/11/07
I'm blonde at the moment. Just not naturally. I just die my hair a
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