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The hardest keymasher in all of FFR
Stepmania, gaming, piano, music, writing, art.
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Breakcore and stuff, I'm really into it at the moment. Venetian Snares and Nero's day at disneyland and Dev/Null and Dj Scotch egg and on and on and on
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Horrors are good usually. Favourite, Requiem for a dream.
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Posted on: December 19, 2014, at 11:16:42pm   [0 comments]
i'll fix it later. maybe. (its never gonna happen)
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GammaBlaster writes at 10:47:59pm on 12/27/14
it was fun while it lasted
OppaiLoli writes at 4:24:19pm on 12/27/14
Oh, also, are you stoked for the Kancolle Anime airing next month and the new Kancolle game for Vita? ^_^v
OppaiLoli writes at 11:23:59am on 12/27/14
Oh it really is! I was lucky enough to get into the lottery the first time I tried. I'm only Admiral Lvl35 but I have a Nagato!!! She was HARD to get. D: I'll be marrying my Fusou first, though. <3 She was my first battleship, not to mention her Onee-chan-type personality is HHHHHNNNNNGGGG and her wedding line is quite lewd. :3
OppaiLoli writes at 10:47:25am on 12/26/14
Now we both have shipgirls! Inazuma is <3 as well. :3
OppaiLoli writes at 6:18:26pm on 12/24/14
Hahaha! I don't blame you. I'd use it myself if it had a results screen. Can't wait for Jouseway to update it. Even the judgement area of the Marvs isn't totally in the way of my reading the notes like it is in ultralight.
OppaiLoli writes at 10:06:18am on 12/24/14
for the lulz, never a bad thing! 8) I take it you're using Jouseway's SM theme, huh? 's a badass theme, that's for sure.
OppaiLoli writes at 10:47:38pm on 12/23/14
Random add is random lol
ddr_f4n writes at 8:46:28pm on 12/23/14
I'm giving you full approval just because of Shimakaze
Candor writes at 9:53:22pm on 12/20/14
hello =w=
alloyus writes at 9:41:54pm on 12/19/14
Found you~ nice profile picture *_*