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Just a girl with a passion for tapping my fingers to music :) Well, occasionally my feet, but I don't get time for that...
Anime/Manga/etc. I attend conventions, meets, etc! DDR/PIU/Stepmania. Obvious really! Gaming. Got me some consoles, I play them a lot! Talk to me about the N64 or the SNES :D I also play more traditional board games when I get the chance, and love gaming societies! Learning to play go at the moment :) Reading. I love scifi and horror mainly. I like nature, knitting, and sometimes combining the 2 by knitting OUTSIDE. I also love cats. And they love me. <3
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I enjoy mostly anything, but a playlist of j-style music from this here game would suit me wonderfully. That and metal/rock. Serj Tankian, take me please :3
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Battle Royale. Independance Day. Akira. The Breakfast Club. Die Hard. Mean Girls. Probably plenty more!
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I want to plaaaaaaay!
Posted on: January 24, 2012, at 07:05:15am   [1 comment]
Darn it! My laptop still sucks too much to play here, as much as I want to. Stepmania works for like, 20 minutes before I need to restart. My finger tapping career can't take off like this! XD

*angry fist shake*

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chocobothief12 writes...
at 5:03:29pm on 1/24/12
ya, ive at one point owned every single one of those games and would just spend hours in my room having way too much fun with them. and thats only the top 10 for each system. ive played soooo many others that deserve honorable mentions and worth a play for. its like, games are my escape from life when things start to get really bad for me. all i need is a few hours playing something fun or witty, and i forget about everything else that started to bother me.
chocobothief12 writes...
at 6:59:51pm on 12/21/11
ok soooo top 10 snes are as follows: 10. super r type 9. super castlevania 4 8. king of the monsters 7. mario kart 6. secret of evermore 5. smw2 yoshis island 4. super metroid 3. super mario rpg 2. tie between ff6 and 4 (or 2 and 3 as they were originally called) 1. chrono trigger!!!
top 10 n64 are as follows: 10. glover 9. mischief makers 8. quest 64 7. super mario 64 6. star fox 64 5. perfect dark 4. mario kart 64 3. DK64 2. paper mario 1. hybrid heaven!!!!!
chocobothief12 writes...
at 5:48:12pm on 12/21/11
im definitely an old school gamer ever since nes games cost almost just as much as a game these days :P i could give you like a top 10 of every console from nes to n64 :D
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 10:39:49am on 12/21/11
chocobothief12 writes...
at 2:54:28am on 12/21/11
hiya :D i herd u liek old school gaming :P
x0 Gintoki 0x writes...
at 9:49:34pm on 12/20/11
Epic Battle Fantasy 3? or 2?
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 10:58:13am on 12/20/11
lol BRING IT ON!!!!
ssbmchamp writes...
at 8:16:08pm on 12/19/11
I like that, only thing is my main setup now is with 3 fingers so it's kinda hard to AAA whatever i have left. At this point i'll shoot for 400 AAAs and go from there :p
Emithith writes...
at 8:13:31pm on 12/18/11
I liked Bullet Heaven more, but w/e lol
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 8:07:04pm on 12/18/11
The girl on the top left is Alice. Top right is Ice Fairy Cirno (that's what I like to call her ^_^). Middle Left is Patchouli Knowledge, middle right is Flandre Scarlet. Bottom-left is Sakuya Izayoi (my fave character of the series, personally), bottom right is Meiling. And dead center, is Remilia Scarlet, aka the Scarlet Devil. There are countless more, but that's all the girls in my bg. For my next theme, I will have the most Bad-ass Touhou Girl of them all, and I will reveal her name when I get her up.
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