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I am a furry and a brony I am also a hello kitty Fanatic XD, I'm a transsexual , love gaming , i love pretty much every thing cute , i cross-dress and do other girly stuff <3 I'm as girly as a girl can be eventhough i am a boy but what ever <3, Music is awesome ^.^, ask me something else you want to know
Gaming , Television , Furry's , bronies , Music, Japanese stuff :3
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Techno , Hard Rock , J-Pop
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a lot
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DanMeister1234 writes at 7:31:10am on 6/21/12
Awesome page! Brohoof! /)
badgirl123 writes at 5:04:40pm on 6/17/12
yes i did get it :)
badgirl123 writes at 5:01:49pm on 6/17/12
oh iight my bad u got the wrong skype delete that one and add me its not 1, its 4 add me again.
badgirl123 writes at 4:59:27pm on 6/17/12
u there??
badgirl123 writes at 4:25:46pm on 6/17/12
if u wanna add me on skype u can
badgirl123 writes at 2:55:02pm on 6/17/12
thank you very much XD
badgirl123 writes at 2:52:07pm on 6/17/12
i'm doing good just hanging in there, :D
badgirl123 writes at 2:47:17pm on 6/17/12
how are u? nice wallpaper XD
badgirl123 writes at 2:37:29pm on 6/17/12
hey there :)
thaecrasis writes at 2:31:10pm on 6/17/12
Woo! I love your profile!