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Arntonach writes...
at 11:32:58pm on 7/18/14
choof writes...
at 11:13:26pm on 4/5/14
Stelcoboy writes...
at 12:09:03pm on 11/23/12
scawt peelgrum
JiZ35 writes...
at 11:49:51am on 8/29/12
Free JiZ53
muirrir writes...
at 12:05:13pm on 6/14/12
heey :) just saw you got a lvl 50+ hardcore character on D3 forums, add me I'm a lvl51 barb hardcore atm : NicoBanks#1847
ronny segalowitch writes...
at 11:38:53pm on 1/24/12
Findarian writes...
at 9:39:23pm on 1/10/12
woot another pony =D
nois-or-e writes...
at 4:15:35am on 12/31/11
yea, thought my u/n was JaeLivesHere tho :L
Basically, I am not a gamer. Puzzles, etc are an interest ;D I play minecraft, but purely cos I like building electronics in there. I play FFR cos I started playing DDR back in '99 xD
Thanks btw, merry xmas and all that jazz <3
UserNameGoesHere writes...
at 8:34:28am on 10/24/11
Derpy Hooves response to muffin comment = win
Tyson ultima writes...
at 9:45:26pm on 8/23/11
You find anything wrong with starting college a semester late?
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