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i play video games, and rhythm games.
videogames (especially killer7), manga/anime like jojo and berserk, programming ( i only know Java, Python, HTML and lua so far)
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WHY? the band is pretty good
Fav Movies:
i don't really watch movies, but kung pow: enter the fist is alright
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Vares writes at 10:37:10pm on 12/19/20
let's all love lain!
Dugatee writes at 6:59:37pm on 4/15/19
worm fact #43: earth wormsky is the first worm astronaut
mrpreggers writes at 10:33:03am on 7/31/17
thank U so much for the kind message :)
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 9:08:51am on 7/31/17
How are you?
DissonantMuse writes at 9:35:35pm on 7/27/17
Yee, Bea is pretty lit ;)
sonicdeadpool23 writes at 9:18:54am on 7/27/17
mrpreggers writes at 6:34:19pm on 1/26/17
i forgot what your favorite meme was
Vares writes at 9:02:24pm on 7/18/16
Yep! Yw
Furry writes at 5:55:21pm on 7/17/14
cat-thulhu writes at 8:03:37pm on 2/7/14
d-demo.. otousan... *gay shinji whimper*