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Posted on: August 7, 2014, at 07:12:01pm   [1 comment]
-AAA 250 Songs
-AAA 400 Songs
-AAA 50% Public Songs
-AAA all Songs 1-20
-AAA all Songs 1-30
-FC all songs 1-60
-FC all songs 1-70
-Under 750 Average
-Under 250 FFR Rank

-FC'd 50% Public Songs (8/7/14)
-Get a Positive Score on All Public Songs (8/13/14)
-Under 500 FFR Rank (10/3/14)
-FC'd all Songs 1-50 (10/17/14)
-Under 1,000 Average (11/22/14)

Goals to regain:
-Get a Positive Score on All Public Songs
-Under 50 FFR Rank
-FC'd all songs 1-50
-Under 1,000 Average

Comment wall
gstarfire writes...
at 11:22:27am on 10/13/15
hmu in mp bro
One Winged Angel writes...
at 3:55:45pm on 9/16/15
do you have skype
ehhblinkin writes...
at 12:16:59pm on 8/28/15
I don't even have that song lol. Fix your stuff so you can do mp
ehhblinkin writes...
at 10:19:22pm on 8/23/15
Then be on!
gstarfire writes...
at 5:06:43pm on 8/23/15
Welcome back man!
Untimely Friction writes...
at 10:13:52pm on 8/18/15
da fuck get back in here son
gameboy42690 writes...
at 6:36:28pm on 8/6/15
No problem, glad I could help. :)
ehhblinkin writes...
at 12:56:42am on 7/5/15 come back
ehhblinkin writes...
at 4:05:44pm on 2/8/15
gstarfire writes...
at 6:02:20pm on 11/22/14
Ahh yeah some things are definitely more important than FFR. Well it's good to see you back!
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