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Just cause I'm asian doesn't mean I speak the languages.
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nakashe hinata writes...
at 2:08:10pm on 11/13/08
ne time. i c u got me on ur top friends list.
nakashe hinata writes...
at 2:16:32pm on 10/31/08
hey! thanks 4 the add! love the profile! kik ass!
~zabuza~ writes...
at 12:04:09pm on 10/13/08
haha yeah^-^ and ur a really good cosplay:)
~zabuza~ writes...
at 10:05:14pm on 10/11/08
horsefreak092093 writes...
at 4:48:47pm on 10/3/08
hey wat up
SammyWinchester writes...
at 4:13:56am on 10/3/08
Get someone to fix it?
SammyWinchester writes...
at 1:28:56am on 10/3/08
Oooh, nice background.
virus003 writes...
at 11:01:02pm on 10/2/08
Also, in FFX2, I have Rikku at level 76. :D
Your Connection writes...
at 3:32:52am on 10/2/08
haha I'm sorry my brother was playing FFX and he was like ... Rikku is pretty hot then I came on here and I thought I was trippin out... nothing offensive I just thought it was a weird coincidence. nice outfit by the way.
Your Connection writes...
at 2:59:21am on 10/2/08
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