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Check out my instagram @smokes2007

Posted on: October 26, 2011, at 12:30:45am   [4 comments]
My stats bar looks like a penis.

Comment wall
bmah writes...
at 12:26:52am on 8/6/13
eeeyup absolutely the WEM, haha
chrysler writes...
at 6:18:32pm on 3/21/12
crap that sucks, but my comp is also old too XD but my computer crashed not long ago so i'm stuck with a little netbook
chrysler writes...
at 7:02:30pm on 2/23/12
whatever man, ur still frikin better than me XD but i'll beat you someday
chrysler writes...
at 8:59:09pm on 2/21/12
what do you mean you can still fc 11's?? i can't even XD i 'm desperate to fc at least 1 song =P
chrysler writes...
at 6:18:19pm on 1/25/12
bro i played yesterday and i couldn't even FC a 9 XD that's how much i suck now =P ima play over the summer again, maybe spring break
chrysler writes...
at 7:39:23pm on 1/4/12
nice bro, i've been in ur situation as well, but i've organized my time XD well not as accurate as i thought it would've been
chrysler writes...
at 9:34:19pm on 1/3/12
i saw one of ur plays, wasn't too bad XD proly better than me. i've been working on school and profile layouts, also i think i won't be playing for about a week or so. i'll try to get on anytime, but i'm sort of busy.
chrysler writes...
at 4:31:41pm on 12/31/11
yo happy new year man XD you have a good one =]
chrysler writes...
at 2:16:35pm on 12/28/11
its all good man, all the FC's you see on my profile are all from easy songs XD
chrysler writes...
at 6:55:03pm on 12/27/11
actually, yeah lets play multiplayer again sometime, once i get my laptop soon. XD proly in like a few hours i hope
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