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Posted on: August 24, 2015, at 10:57:11pm

  1. Haha thanks~ Just had a good day one day, got a 0-0-3-0 MANIERA and I got mad at that and played JSB and bang 8)

  2. 2nd :3


  4. You're best off scouring websites like and ebay. There's a copy of kirlian selections up for 35 cad and a copy of soundtrack to a vacant life up for 40 aud on

  5. Sorry for the delayed response - when I got the notification your comment wasn't showing up
    Either LE6!ON or LEGION works fine as an alternate title

  6. First off, that avi ROFL. Yeah, I think I'll take my time, I kinda have to with school and that this laptop is not FFR performance made by any means lol
    As much as I'd like to get better, new gear would have to happen first I thinks.
    And thanks for the vote! n_n

  7. I've been good. Sorry for the late reply lol. Been doing so many art commissions and stuff so I haven't had time this go around on FFR.

  8. lol, it's from Nichijou :P Just search for "nichijou alligator" and you'll find it.

  9. This world is not kill or be killed.
    It's erase, or erase.

  10. howdy! im an asshole flower, swallow the pellets or die

  11. I arranged an image, added black around it, put in bars, and the red sould heart halfway through the lower box. So I'd be more inclined to say that I designed it. Because the art used of chara simply isn't mine.

  12. can I hug that precious cinnamon roll in the avatar? <3

  13. I don't mind being buzzed on prochat.
    It was probably Floating Cloud Acoustic Band