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Koma Onozuka

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The Lazy Shinigami
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About me:
I'm a huge player in Yu-gi-oh! it's one of my favorite hobby's I also love music rhythm games and watching anime also play a lot of CSGO rekt also when I play this game I play semi-pettanko if you don't know what that is I use my middle and ring finger on both hands!
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anime, Video Games and meeting a lot of people online
Fav Music:
Stuff like Metal Rock mostly. I also like to listen Vocaloid music. (Favorite is Megurine Luka) And yet again video game remixes from Touhou and Final Fantasy!
Fav Movies:
Honestly this shouldn't be here like I mean how many movies do you think there is it's like asking someone what their Favorite song or T.V show that's nearly impossible to answer besides just ask me and I will tell you what I really like recently!
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How do I know you're not the one touching me? (lewd)
Hakulyte writes at 4:00:39am on 5/13/16
Koma meets Koma.