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Hiya! xD Im Yuri! Yeeaa my name get over it! anywho! Im 13 And im am not stuupid maybeh a bit retarded either way im not stupid nor a preteen! xD anywayz My sis ish on here to were big fans of Ancafe! there sooo cuuute xD o.O anywayz im kinda bords! listen to music! Btw! im ganna marry my sis! Mwahahaha! =X ;]
Music. Movies, Rock, Horror, Cute, Anime, Yaoi,
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to mch to naaame XP
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666midget writes...
at 1:20:49pm on 1/18/11
OVER 9000 ZEUS writes...
at 4:54:55pm on 11/16/08
kinkykoolaid is now kinky yuri! check it ouuuuuuuuuuuut!
happyslappyboy writes...
at 10:28:22pm on 10/14/08
All i gotta say is way to go... now i want kool aid but i aint got no suga. I blame u : )
al.pal. writes...
at 10:26:13pm on 5/1/08
Ur frggin hot too
Kienamaru writes...
at 1:31:57pm on 2/1/08
VERY low score, but u seem cool, aside from your PLAY MORE
pornofish writes...
at 1:37:25am on 1/24/08
u have myspace?
much luv
mintyyy writes...
at 10:12:02pm on 11/1/07
Bou rocks ^^
Thumbs up for that : ]
Anbu_xWYVERNx writes...
at 7:19:28am on 10/5/07
omg u are very cute :o
KinkyKoolAid writes...
at 7:59:45pm on 9/3/07
wahaha! i've been gone fer while -___-' sorriiiii........... ...=O
SabeHaywood writes...
at 10:07:09am on 8/31/07
You just seem awesome. xD Thumbs up for you. xD
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