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Zakon writes at 6:29:36pm on 1/3/14
AAAAH! Niiiiiiiight~
nickadeemus writes at 12:06:10am on 12/4/13
excellent thanks :) and you?
JurseyRider734 writes at 3:26:41am on 10/21/13
I don't!! Mine has changed, though. Add me on Skype!! it's: mylittlegoobi
JurseyRider734 writes at 3:23:12am on 10/21/13
OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD i just signed back on here randomly HOW ARE YOU?! we need to catch up!!
Kagome writes at 1:22:30pm on 10/20/13
disnikbmw writes at 7:20:24pm on 9/23/09
hey watsup ^-^
Sprite- writes at 8:58:14pm on 9/12/09
Why have I never seen you before?? How long have you been a moderator??
RawMeat786 writes at 2:32:44pm on 5/12/09
Zakon writes at 5:51:33pm on 10/6/08
Hey Night =) Long long long time no talk =P I doubt you'll ever get this, but if you do, you should send me an email! Let's talk about old times, eh?
alainbryden writes at 11:33:02pm on 5/14/07
Hey nighty. Let me know if you ever get this