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I'm a dude from Wisconsin. I have released over 200 metal simfiles. When the simfile DB opened up back in '05, I was one of the first to submit files, but at some point I started only uploading them on You can now download my files
Programming, Stepmania, Music
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I'm a metalhead. My favorite band is Rhapsody (of Fire). Here's a detailed profile of my music-listening habits:
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Joe D writes at 9:45:28pm on 2/18/14
Downloaded your metal pack. pretty nice. you've improved much since I last browsed these ruins. I tried downloading Maid of Orleans by Dark Moor yesterday but I had trouble with it. you should revise that.
Joe D writes at 9:23:15pm on 2/17/14
I was a little nostalgic and remembered how many bands ive been introduced to thanks to your sims. all good? still steppin?
Staiain writes at 5:35:03pm on 10/20/13
your files are fun on rates :twisted:
Staiain writes at 4:31:46pm on 10/20/13
aw i see
Staiain writes at 4:18:18pm on 10/16/13
yo, do you have IM
goboenomo writes at 10:11:03pm on 4/23/13
Hey Charlo,
I'm goboenomo (aka Zzyxk). I have been playing ffr/stempania for a number of years now. As I am not into a lot of music outside of the classical and metal genres, I tend to have a tough time finding songs I really enjoy. I would like to take this moment to thank you for the songs you have stepped. I have played a number of your songs, which is why I recognized your name right away when scanning through the forums looking to see if NB5 was out yet.
I am in a very metal heavy household. My brother and father both members of a black metal band named Pagan Ritual. They often play shows around the area (Toronto, Ontario), where they play with many other local bands.
If I may, at some point I would like to share some of this local metal with you. I'm hoping you will find potential future stepfiles in this music.
Joe D writes at 9:57:31pm on 8/13/12
well man thats awesome Ill check them out when I have the time :D
SulferDragon writes at 7:04:21pm on 7/26/12
I'm certain you will love Galneryus. ^^
Nope. Not at the moment. I could definitely upload them to Mediafire, but for a long time I've considered putting everything into a torrent. Just haven't gotten around to it.
SulferDragon writes at 2:08:35am on 7/22/12
Chances are you've heard of most of the bands I'll mention, or they won't quite be to your taste. I do listen to a lot of complex progressive metal. I will keep things simple.
For starters, I would suggest Twilightning, Black Majesty, and Circus Maximus. The latter is progressive, but their latest album is much less so. Then there's Galneryus. They are a freaking awesome Japanese power metal band. So many of their songs scream simfile.
baq12 writes at 11:05:40pm on 7/17/12
Good sir, I believe we need to collab sometime. I've always loved Playing your metal files, and I think we can create some really solid files!