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They only ask if you think Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but Abe Lincoln beats them both LOL.

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Well first off my name is Dan and I'm from Wisconsin. I mainly like to listen to lots of music, love to watch movies, and play games. My favourite game to play mainly is League of Legends (sorry FFR D:). I usually main support, but I can play just about everything. My favourite game type to to play in league when not doing ranked is ARAM. Especially when I get anivia. Probably my favourite champion though I'd have to say is Taric. I love his stun and just the overall burst he does with his ultimate, and shatter as wells as how you can do as much damage as you like and he just heals it back. When I listen to music I love to listen to old classic rock, instrumental, and some hard rock like Killswitch Engage, We Butter the Bread with Butter, and As I lay dying. I also love to watch movies. I love watching action movies like the transformers series, transporter, die hard, and Batman. I'll watch some anime like Up, Toy story, and Madagascar but not a lot (I also don't like horror except saw and the collection those were good). Other then that is all I do.
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Charu writes at 2:29:49pm on 2/14/13
Nothing much.
Micah_ writes at 7:34:42pm on 2/11/13
Thanks for the thumbs up! The Gorillaz do rock! :D
badman7772 writes at 8:31:14pm on 1/28/13
Why thank you, sir! :3
Salitz writes at 7:06:36pm on 1/25/13
Thanks. I noticed you're a Killswitch Engage fan... just saw them last month. You have good taste :)
Xx{Midnight}xX writes at 2:59:58am on 1/24/13
thank you
icontrolyourworld writes at 7:00:55pm on 1/23/13
thanks :)
iironiic writes at 9:49:20am on 1/23/13
Thank you! Nice banner :)
XiaoBoob writes at 7:20:38am on 1/23/13
I play LoL too. Well, used to.
SethColeman writes at 6:21:51pm on 1/17/13
welcome to the site. your color scheme gives a chill, ambient feeel
InFaMau5 writes at 9:37:35am on 1/17/13
Feel free to comment whatever comes to your mind! :3