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Otaku Speedvibe [Oni]
Posted on: July 20, 2009, at 12:19:27pm   [0 comments]
I got it (with BB Evolution). :D

Sub-100 Average Rank!
Posted on: July 3, 2009, at 02:07:27pm   [0 comments]
It only took 35 different AAAs in one day. :-P

50% of Songs AAAd!
Posted on: June 26, 2009, at 01:40:27pm   [0 comments]

10,000 Gameplays!
Posted on: June 20, 2009, at 10:07:11am   [0 comments]
Wooo! Five digits!

I got Here We Go!
Posted on: September 10, 2008, at 08:35:37pm   [0 comments]
I just got 20,000 credits and FCd Rottel-da-station. Hurray!

Comment wall
Evnoir writes...
at 8:52:40pm on 8/9/09
You can tell who my favourite character is, lmao.
I like short series as well, but this felt a bit too short. There have been plans to extend this series because of the extremely fast growing popularity of this anime.
Evnoir writes...
at 11:08:34pm on 8/5/09
Thank you for the vote ~^^~
Speaking of skill, DAYUM! Your stacking up some scores there!
The only thing I can beat you in is... a couple of FCs and profile votes, lol xD
Evnoir writes...
at 9:36:39pm on 8/5/09
My background is from K-on, and her name is Mio.
Also, just to clear some misunderstanding, I am a noob. That probably wasn't my score xD I wouldn't be D3 with that score, rofl. Sorry for the disappointment; I probably failed out that time, and ended up with 9 goods...?
_REDYOSHI_ writes...
at 12:33:52pm on 7/31/09
Nice Avatar! ^_^
xXDeltaXx writes...
at 11:51:36am on 7/24/09
cool. i got 2 members, a 97 and a 119
xXDeltaXx writes...
at 11:06:28am on 7/24/09
awesome.what level are you?
xXDeltaXx writes...
at 11:41:32pm on 7/23/09
off and on*
xXDeltaXx writes...
at 11:41:18pm on 7/23/09
yea off and you. do you?
Ziergdsx18 writes...
at 7:36:34am on 7/22/09
Yeah. It's a bit tricky. :P
Ziergdsx18 writes...
at 7:24:46am on 7/22/09
Congrats on AAA'ing Ivaltek. I just saw the recent play. :P
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