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Posted on: November 10, 2012, at 01:51:22am

VC AAAs (55+): 5

- ABCDeath (56)
- Forsaken Neon (55)
- Touch Me (55)
- Walk On Water (55)
- Mute City Remix (55)

Well, sounds alright for now. After the tournament, I'll start cleaning up!

  1. me too

  2. me three

  3. not me. I can't AAA challenging songs, and i snatched Mute City Remix. It is honestly the easiest. You just have to piece the three 24th streams together and you've got a 55~ :)

  4. ITT I get Forsaken Neon down while I already had 100 VC AAAs before I could fetch it. You're funny.

  5. you*

  6. How does Oni smells? hehu

  7. In before you get the FGO before me.

  8. 1.15x because my eyes lag.

  9. forsaken neon is challenging not vc :P

  10. ^ not anymore!