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daviesprokit5 writes at 9:47:39pm on 8/8/13
do you have instaa? :3 play me I'll whoop you lol
daviesprokit5 writes at 9:07:58pm on 8/7/13
KingVal writes at 12:25:42am on 11/5/12
Applesauce! >w<
forgotenhalo writes at 10:02:06pm on 9/25/12
lol where've you been ace?
that808gamer writes at 12:38:43am on 9/23/12
ur pretty cute
forgotenhalo writes at 9:55:51pm on 9/17/12
heeey just updated my profile picture XD
MrPreggers writes at 12:15:42pm on 9/15/12
MrPreggers writes at 3:17:19pm on 9/14/12
lol I'm laughing pretty hard at this right now
popsicle_3000 writes at 8:41:49pm on 9/13/12
do you know him apart from ffr?
popsicle_3000 writes at 7:10:46am on 9/11/12
I haven't actually yet! imma go say hi to him :)
yeah, i love working to get tokens. There are tons to keep trying to get, and as you improve, other ones become more reachable.