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Check my newer profile, dean_machine, instead of this old and busted one.
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surfergirl007_88 writes...
at 9:54:12pm on 12/22/08
lol :).... green bean... what was my veggie name again :)
EAGAMES writes...
at 10:55:14pm on 10/13/08
Ohai Dean.
Green_Bean3 writes...
at 9:34:24pm on 10/13/08
I updated my avatar and background. Just saying because there's comments about my background and avatar.
kainivy writes...
at 3:02:40pm on 10/13/08
Cool so how are you?
kainivy writes...
at 3:40:17am on 10/13/08
Tails has an!
justin_ator writes...
at 7:00:10pm on 7/8/08
Like this background and avatar too!
funmonkey54 writes...
at 6:48:26pm on 3/30/08
love the background!
Catzrock24 writes...
at 9:13:54pm on 3/29/08
nice avi it is cute
TrIPLle K xX writes...
at 8:39:27pm on 3/29/08
lol hey welcome vote browse around, and meet new people
Green_Bean3 writes...
at 8:31:00pm on 3/29/08
Yay, I remembered my old account username! I had to make a new one because I forgot this xD which is dean_mahine. Lol, Last Activity: 12-31-1969 lol that's messed up.
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