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About me:
i have long brown hair, with green eyes. anything eles ask me!
writing poems,drawing,hanging out with friends, singing, and writing lyrics for songs i make up.
Fav Music:
anything but country!
Random Thoughts
read my poem please!!!!
Posted on: January 18, 2009, at 02:59:59pm   [1 comment]
tears over flow my eyes, one drop starts a river
the hope i have dies, my hands begin to quiver
pain in my heart, as if it were cut out
blood begins to depart; i really just want to shout
final thoughts in mind, suicide is the topic
memories being left behind,taking IT out of my pocket
razor in hand, covered in red
ending planed,all things said
lying on the ground, painting the floor
trying not to make a sound, wanted no more
everything round me screaming, from the voice in my head
but i cant help getting this feeling, i should be somewhere else instead
locking the door, lying up against the wood
putting my head on the floor, not getting up even if i could
ready to let my spirit fly, getting ready for the exit
iam going to die, no way to fix it

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Cherryblossom93 writes...
at 4:05:40am on 5/29/12
hello all my old friends, this is my new account. i tried getting this one back but i cant remember the pass word and this site wont send me it back, so ya. ive missed u all. plz message me back
Kimmikaze writes...
at 7:50:24am on 11/30/11
I love your gallery<3.
animechick101 writes...
at 1:16:14am on 7/21/08
how do u no she blocked u! she just told me that he's her internet bf! does he know she blocked u?
Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 1:12:52am on 7/21/08
Lol ty ^^ i like ur entire pro lol :3
animechick101 writes...
at 1:06:22am on 7/21/08
is it true that XxdragonhunterxX was hitting on u? u dont have to tell me its just that his girlfriend cussed me out bcuz i was bein friendly with him. i told her i didnt no he had a gf! then she mentioned that he was cheatin' on her with u (computer relationship) and some other person.
animechick101 writes...
at 12:58:21am on 7/21/08
hey long time no talk! can i ask u a question?
Dragon_Master2557 writes...
at 7:18:13pm on 7/20/08
Really? How so?
Dragon_Master2557 writes...
at 1:53:00am on 7/20/08
Not terrible I s'ppose. Kinda boring recently, though. How about you, how's your summer been?
Dragon_Master2557 writes...
at 7:16:19pm on 7/17/08
I Miss you too! So you have AIM, because I'm on that more often then I'm here, and it'll be that way until I get internet permanently
tomasz333 writes...
at 8:34:51pm on 7/16/08
Are the photo's coincidentally pro-Luigi or do you prefer him over Mario?
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