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Just your average half baked media junkie iso (in search of)virtual amusement and interesting people who share the same twisted viewpoints as me. I hate sheep so don't spout conformity, and social hang-ups at me or I'll hurt your inner child. If you even mention religion I'll make sure your death brings me great joy. Only a blood stain will bear mute witness to the nightmarish horrors that befell you.
Music, dancing, video games, ddr,,,,, and my personal favorite SSBM and brawl, Vampire Masquerade, Cos-Play, and Role-Playing ofc, I'm a huge fan of vampire novels (I loved Anne Rice until she whipped her Jesus out on me like a perverted flasher), Anita Blake Chronicles ftw (ftw mean for the win if you didn't know)
Fav Music:
Anything and everything my top 3 are Nin, Prodigy, Smashing Pumpkins, since I've come to this site Smiley, Nina, Dm Ashura, Inspector K, Kaw, Family Farce (any and all piano stuff), The Flashbulb, SuperGreenX, Tiesto, ZOMG DJ Sharpnel you are the shiz keep that good stuff coming:D
Fav Movies:
Tim Burton, and anything with Johnny Depp (damn he is sexy) in it But if I had to name a few Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show (If you don't know then your a virgin), Interview with a Vampire, James and the Giant Peach, Nightmare Before Christmas, Butterfly Effect, The Grudge.
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Posted on: January 25, 2011, at 12:29:10pm   [0 comments]

U know i always come through with the good shet enjoy.

So beautiful.
Posted on: January 25, 2011, at 12:25:41pm   [0 comments]

Omg eargasm at 0:49
Posted on: January 25, 2011, at 12:24:37pm   [0 comments]

What is your favorite simfile?
Posted on: August 28, 2009, at 05:33:28pm   [0 comments]
some of mine are:
ok heres the short list:
Eruption- zebdal
etudu du soliel matin- yesssss
far east speedcore- torrent
gamelan de couple- kommisar
hatebreeder- patashu
helena- dsc
horobita star- kommisar
ima a maid- dtm (i think dtm stands for dan the man)
inner universe- hustla
jeh jeh rocket- kommisar
kamaitachi- kommisar (my #2 favorite)
kiranger v1- dossar
kirlian shores- xxtrancexx
let the bass boom- kommisar
linuks- Zaghurim (#3 favorite)
marissa stole the precious thing- ilonaya
marissa tanked my score wwith an incredible hand- ilonaya <- those 2 stepfiles are part of a pack google it
mirage lullaby- jubo (also part of a pack google it)
Mission 4-2 -Prof raine
need the speed- omegaspike
over shiver mount- kommisar
papaver rhoeas- kommisar (#4 favorite)
piece of poetry- dtm
power supply- koirui (#1 favorite
princess- gamepro
progression- moches
quick master- magna trick
rottel-da-station - kommisar
shihen- zaghurim
snow storm- beatnation (one of the best I've ever played)
snows- zebdal
solitude sun- zaghurim
space of soul- cherubi
speedcore dandy- omegaspike
still more fighting oc remix- skylock
strange program- dtm
summer- omegaspike
sunlight- andrix
szamar madar- zaghurim (amazing simfile)
the prototype- icy world
this calling- ssbm champ
tokyo style speedcore- omegaspike and hotstreak (both of them are great)
uber rave- spammy mc squirrel
vast universe- cranite (the rating for this is way off its a lot harder)
w@rez- zaghurim
we met that night v2 (sry no artist name it looks like a huge &)
winter white- supytale
1st stage- yanah (fun as hell)
20031023- rebirth

This guy is my hero
Posted on: December 24, 2008, at 08:43:42pm   [3 comments]

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Sterlingmagi writes...
at 9:17:34am on 2/9/11
Ah! What the heck?!?!?! haha
xxXVampChikXxx writes...
at 9:17:51pm on 1/29/11
Thank you for all of the lovely photo comments Ether <3 nice to see you again :D
thisIsAThing writes...
at 9:49:33pm on 1/28/11
Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate your advice and I'll be sure to try those suggestions. ;D
EtherCloud writes...
at 7:39:37pm on 1/28/11
I TRIED 1 SONG 8 TIMES, KEYS DIDN'T WORK AT ALL, ffr sucks since they got rid of the simfile database.
xxXVampChikXxx writes...
at 4:10:01pm on 12/20/10
;D you know it! Lol!
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 2:50:04pm on 11/14/10
That's good, I can't believe that this site is finally up!
Martin_88 writes...
at 12:34:58pm on 11/2/10
kittyma869 writes...
at 2:06:29pm on 12/19/09
really you like soi fon? i like Yoruichi Shihouin
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 9:29:37am on 12/19/09
Aw, I'm sorry. I've been lonely for a long time. I hope to have a boyfriend soon because I think I like someone... but it won't happen. It's snowing! for once lol. First actual snow and it's over a foot and still going! I hope your days brighten up some more and you find someone again :) Merry Christmas!
t.cutey writes...
at 6:52:33pm on 12/13/09
sure <3
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