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Well, my name is Jaime, but my nickname is Sarah. Feel free to call me by either if you wish. :) I like to chat so feel free to message me whenever you want!
I love to play piano, read books, and appreciate nature. :)
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Kasu_404 writes...
at 7:17:32pm on 4/15/11
thanks for the vote :)
GucciPooch94 writes...
at 11:53:30pm on 3/28/11
Hiya :)
Emithith writes...
at 2:56:02am on 3/24/11
Making a new one some time in the future. My friends change theirs more than I do!
Emithith writes...
at 5:49:40pm on 3/22/11
Thanks for the vote :)
MrPoptart writes...
at 3:11:14am on 1/30/11
I enjoy my fair share of indie games, of which, "An untitled story" is one of the more popular (for "Game Maker" games anyway).
MrPoptart writes...
at 2:07:01am on 1/30/11
Is that a "An untitled story" header I spy?
EtherCloud writes...
at 7:33:11pm on 1/28/11
if u really want to get better, i mean really really get better. 3 things u need to master, 1. timing, listen for the beats, 2. never EVER take your finger off the keys (this one is extremely difficult to master, but it improves refire rate and speed control, if u aren't relaxed its almost impossible), 3. believe it or not, when playing a difficult song, strategically blink during slow areas.
Synthlight writes...
at 7:21:11pm on 1/26/11
First person to post on your wall.