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FFR levelrank cleanup mission
Posted on: July 22, 2013, at 11:50:04am

I broke 1300 public AAAs on July 26th, 2013.

So far this is my progress:
- Hip Hop genre cleared.
- Classic Genre cleared.
- Dance Genre cleared.
- Purchased Genre cleared.
- Secret Genre cleared.

UPDATE MARCH 4TH 2014: No time for this and it's very aggravating. Not doing this anytime soon.

  1. YESSSSSSSS!!!! 50,000 credits if you get rank 1 on every public song and also get 1000/1000 tier points.

  2. The master is returning to his throne

  3. sheeeeeit.

  4. Best of luck dude, not that you are going to need it. 160 ain't that much anyway.

  5. nice

  6. was hoping this would happen :) welcome back

  7. *popcorn*

  8. GOGO Dossar, I want to see you on top.

  9. *hands you a bottle of water* don't forget to hydrate! :D

  10. Do you still plan on doing this now/during the 9th official?

  11. Do you still plan on doing this after you win the 9th official next week?

  12. Now that its been 6 years and we've actually met in person but never got the chance to talk to each other, Do you still plan on doing this?