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Devil 666

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About me:
Hello all I was born on 1995 so however old I am you can calculate lol and there's nothing much to say i am mostly on Facebook so join there! Shehryar Shaheen is the name
I like games i play games in gba , nds , ps , xbox and many more :) even in real life!
Fav Music:
My favorite music is song Take it all and Take your best shot are my favorite songs and im fan of MJ pop king song and broken by seether also other rock songs and the songs by west life, backstreetboyz , linkin park and seether there all songs are my fav
Fav Movies:
i like action , story , funny and scary movies but mostly scary movies
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kiki_124 writes at 1:49:45am on 10/22/16
That's good
kiki_124 writes at 11:24:36am on 11/17/14
Well thats good (: im alright
kiki_124 writes at 11:33:38am on 7/30/14
Hey! How are you?!
manga_freak101 writes at 8:10:33pm on 2/27/14
it's all g im not on here much either haha
Squirtle x3 writes at 10:39:13am on 1/12/14
manga_freak101 writes at 1:54:34am on 11/18/12
hihi it sure has =3
kiki_124 writes at 11:39:33am on 10/28/12
Good :D hehe
kiki_124 writes at 1:05:16pm on 10/24/12
it alright.. i guess D;
kiki_124 writes at 1:33:11pm on 10/23/12
Where have you been?! ):
Devil 666 writes at 4:40:50am on 10/23/12
add me here ppl :) :)