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just a penguin with internet access
listening to and making music, writing stories, rhythm games
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anything by Camellia, dubstep, classical (???)
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i forgot every movie i ever watched upon reading this
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osu!mania to FFR
Posted on: August 27, 2020, at 05:19:13pm   [0 comments]
I've been playing more FFR recently after I stopped osu!mania. My accuracy is kind of garbage but my speed is quite a bit better. I guess it's time to grind again.

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DankMishap writes...
at 5:26:55pm on 9/6/20
Hmu for another session!
Ipu Maipants writes...
at 4:55:33pm on 9/2/20
Thanks a bunch! Hope you have a nice day as well!
mjxv2 writes...
at 8:15:42pm on 9/1/20
dat penguin tho
CubeyThePenguin writes...
at 5:17:03pm on 8/27/20
ok cool, i think i might stay here for awhile
SubaruPoptart writes...
at 4:39:43pm on 8/26/20
ayyy gg on Division 5!
CubeyThePenguin writes...
at 7:59:12pm on 7/29/19
Yes, I signed up using the dashboard. Thanks for posting, though!
justin_ator writes...
at 5:07:32pm on 7/29/19
Saw your post in the official tournament thread, make sure you sign up using the button on the dashboard to do so - posting in the thread won't sign you up for an official tournament!
CubeyThePenguin writes...
at 7:31:09pm on 6/2/19
i'm not sure if i'm improving too quickly, but i used a friend's computer to div up to expert. now i'm not used to the computers i have and i keep hitting notes late. oh well.
Drayk writes...
at 9:10:07pm on 5/20/19
Haha you too Cubey, same here, I wish I hadn't haha, grats on the Div up yeah when I saw you in D4 tourney listing I was thinking like "Wait isn't he D3" hehe so yeah nice :D GL!
CubeyThePenguin writes...
at 1:16:27pm on 5/18/19
i am now an expert i guess (level 59 reached)
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